Who We are

pexels-photo-691045.jpegWe are real people, with a real life and very real children. We’re fulfilling our life long dream of working together to help people transform their lives.

One thing that we have in common with most of our clients is the lack of a father, and/or coming from a “broken home.” The pain and trauma from our early years impacted us both, and when I say impacted I don’t mean fender bender I mean five car pile up collision.

He wrestled with addictive tendencies and I suffered from depression and suicide.

Nobody truly expected either of us to rise above our circumstances. Realistically we both were destined to a nominal life at best, and only if we played our hand perfectly.

But neither one of us was willing to stay broken. We devoured self help material in the emotional, relational, financial, spiritual, business, and physical realms. It took years– hard fought, difficult, blood sweat and tears kind of years. Years where people wrote us off, where we switched jobs, had kids, and fought like hell (sometimes not in the right direction.) We learned the hard lessons about personal identity and transformation.

There’s where Hope Now became so special to us. We both believe that every moment is a new beginning. It was that kind of thinking that helped us break our glass ceiling and find a life that fulfills our passions and values.

We want to come along side you in your journey to break the glass ceiling. What dreams lie sleeping in your heart? What areas of your life are just meh? We can help you find your why and craft a life worth living. You’re priceless life. Join our community of dreamers on our journey to priceless living today!