Facing down the Success Monster

It’s funny how we look at successful people, especially famous successful people. We think to ourselves, “They were just in the right place at the right time with all the right friends and connections.”

It’s kinda like guys watching football on the couch reliving their high school glory days.

I could do what they did easy… I’m smarter, more talented, better, etc…

I just never got my break.

Or we elevate them to demi-god status. We look at them and say, “They were born that way… Born A W E S O M E…. and I just wasn’t.”

Last night my husband and I were watching a famous comedian and a whole new perspective came crashing down on me.

Courage. Unstoppable courage.

This guy wasn’t just in the right place in the right time. He  took out his GPS and walked there. He stepped out of his comfort zone again and again.

When was the last time you risked so greatly? Dared to be great? Took a chance on yourself and your dreams. This guy did it over and over in the face of failure and mediocrity.

He wasn’t born AWESOME,  he started out sucking at comedy. But he learned, and grew. He took advice from people that were funnier than him. Got kicked off stages, knocked on his a-double-s,  got up and tried again. When money was tight–when money was gone he kept at it. When his friends and family doubted he made friends that would support him. When failure and disappointment were constant he kept trying, kept daring greatly.

He bet on his dreams, his passion, his gifts.

Nobody is handed success. They take the steps. They keep trying. They learn to face defeat. They find meaningful support.

It’s easy to live life ignoring your gifts, talents and potential. Developing is hard–and that is where the fulfillment is.

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