The Little Known, Misunderstood Power of Dissatisfaction

So I’ve been thinking about dissatisfaction in life, and what being dissatisfied really means about us. I think a lot of people equate dissatisfaction with life with having a bad attitude or being a bad person.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

First off, judging our feelings (and dissatisfaction is a feeling) as good or bad is highly unproductive.

Agian, judging our feelings as good or bad is highly unproductive.

Feelings aren’t moral, good or bad, they just are.

Emotions are the helpful messengers that guide us towards creating balance and fulfillment in our lives. Ignored they will either fester or atrophy, and in case you’re wondering both of those options suck.

So, if we are prone to judge it’s far more beneficial to classify our reaction to our feelings as an effective reaction to emotion or ineffective reaction to emotion.

Effective reactions to emotion motivate us towards our greater purpose– health, growth, connection, fulfillment, etc… Ineffective reactions to emotion get and/or keep us stuck in unhealthy, limiting patterns– denial, isolation, pride, depressing thought patterns, hopelessness, etc…

With this mindset of creating effective responses to our emotions we take a brand new approach to what we would have classified as “bad” feelings. Feelings like disillusionment, sadness and anger can be incredibly helpful when we use responses that are effectively bringing us towards our goals.  Heavy and difficult feelings can be rocket us into growth and health much more effectively than emotions we enjoy. Whereas these emotions we enjoy like happiness, and contentment can create a sense of apathy or stagnancy in our lives.

As a society we struggle to recognize and honor our feelings for many reasons…

But back to my thoughts on dissatisfaction.

I think that some of the very best people in the world are dissatisfied and here’s why.

Dissatisfaction is passion turned inside out.

Yup… Show me someone who is supremely dissatisfied with their life and I’ll show you a person on the verge of incredible motivation.

Can you think of a time you had a burning passion, a dream or vision that was powerful to you? Not to others just you. I’m talking about something that mattered to you–bone deep.

What can happen when we don’t live our lives “on purpose” is we can lose sight of what actually matters the most to us and become overwhelmed with the insignificant aspects of life.

Living aimlessly rarely gets anyone to their best life. What we call your PRICELESS LIFE. A life lived honoring your deepest desires and passions.

But let’s get real. If you’ve got dreams you’re not living you’re grumpy.

Mean people are mean because they live without meaning in their lives.

Most people that fit into this category are completely wrapped up in negativity and complaining and dissatisfaction and they don’t even know why.

One of the first exercises I LOVE to do with people that are a little “Negative Nancy” is the Life Wheel. I have them classify their most important aspects of their lives and rate their satisfaction.

People are always surprised that what they thought was their “problem” wasn’t, and then we work through ascribing some values and WHY coaching to get to the real passions, desires and motivations buried under our very logical, adult excuses and reasons.

When we can get to the root we can find the pure motivation that creates the lasting change people are hungry for. It’s beautiful transformation and it’s what I live for.

Dissatisfaction isn’t bad… It is where every great athlete, actor, writer, dancer, speaker, business person, inventor etc… you ever looked up to began their journey

And it’s where you can begin to.

Are you tired of something in your life? Ready to take a look under the hood and tweak your motivational engine?

Let’s talk about it.

What are you dissatisfied with in your life and what are you going to do with it?

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