Our Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource and what to do with it.


In his book The hidden pattern behind everything we do Albert-László Barabasi wrote, “Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource…” Not money, not food, not oil or water—but time.

We all come to a point in life— some sooner than others— where we begin to feel time slipping away.

Like all of a sudden, we get it. That we only get one life and one chance to live it.

Time… Who knew? Right?

Think about it… we work for money to buy the food, and the oil, and the water but has anyone ever figured out how to buy more time?

And yet we focus most of our lives gaining what is easily replaced and thoughtlessly spending what we cannot ever get back.

woman-street-walking-girl.jpgWe grind out our lives in constant pursuit.  We miss birthday parties, family gatherings, and dates with our spouses. We spend more time with our work than our children. And we keep promising ourselves that we’ll slow down after this trip, this project, this pay raise, or the next big break.

We’re missing it!

Is this what we really want?



Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could craft our dream life right now from thin air and glitter, and get to do our favorite things?


Maybe–but it’s not real, and that’s not life. It’s probably for the best too.

Instant gratification makes us lazy and apathetic, and the deeply felt successes like fulfillment or connection take consistent time and effort. it’s like my mother always said, “Anything worth having doesn’t come easy…”

So, maybe we don’t expect our ideal life to come crashing down on us like Publisher’s Clearing House, but we’re not sure where to start chipping away at the edges to get to a more fulfilling life. Let’s talk about it.

You may be in a place where you can take massive action. That’s awesome– you probably don’t have kids, or bills, or a job, or you have someone that takes care of those things for you. The first thing I’m going to recommend to you is to move out of your parents basement.

Just kidding…

But my point is most of us have to manage the life we have now while building the life we aspire to and that’s okay. You probably don’t have 10+ hours a day to devote to starting that business or writing that book. By all means if you do then let’s get on it!

But the rest of us will start with steps that make massive change over time. For instance we’ll see radical improvement in our quality of life by changing one word in our mental conversations.


What you can do even if you have zero time to devote to your dreams…

It’s time to treasure the time we have been given and live the life we were created to live. One way to have a more fulfilling experience is to change the word “have” to “get.”

That’s it. That’s the secret sauce. All you gotta do is drop the “have to’s.” Here’s what I mean…

“I have to answer that email. I have to finish that quote. I have to go to that meeting, I have to fold the laundry, I have to pick up Johnny from Soccer practice…”


Just typing out those sentences was depressing. Thinking in have to drains our energy, creativity and enthusiasm. I actually feel more overwhelmed– but here’s the good news.

We can change our thinking from  have to— to get to

“I get to drive my kids to school, I get to answer that email, I get to wash these dishes in warm soapy water, etc…” See the difference. You’re owning your personal power to choose your life!


And it feels….. GOOD! And who doesn’t want to feel good? (no one ever)

Changing that one word moves us from the mentality of a victim to that of gratefulness. Get to admits the possibility that my chores, business, job, etc… are blessings, I daresay even privileges.

It get’s us thinking that our lives could be something other people would envy and aspire to.  It makes the mundane daily tasks we wade through somehow richer and more enjoyable.

Getting to instead of having to means you have a choice. It’s taking deep, full breaths, smiling to yourselves and living in the here and now instead of resenting it.

Time is your most valuable non-reusable resource– spend it wisely.

What changes when you begin to value your most valuable non-reusable resource? Tell me about it in the comments.

cheers love,





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