5 Ways to Attract Amazing People into Your Business//Part 1

We've all heard the old idiom, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." It's absolutely right. Every great company has it's origin story including the coming together of a few pretty amazing people. Greatness in this life is often not held in a vacuum. It is the synergy of great minds, and clear … Continue reading 5 Ways to Attract Amazing People into Your Business//Part 1

Build Your Dreams Online… Start Here

You start where you are... It sounds overly simplistic but I'm telling you that the majority of the people we've had the pleasure of working with do not start where they actually are. They start where they think they are Where they wish they were Where they think they should be And folks they don't … Continue reading Build Your Dreams Online… Start Here

How to Look Smarter//Doing Only What you Love

  We all want to look smarter, and baby I've tried it all. Red lipstick? Check! Fake glasses? Check! Wearing all black and white with flashy accessories? Yup! Reading self affirmations in the mirror? Ummm-- only when my husband and kids don't barge in on me... Some of it helped, sure. Dressing the part, and … Continue reading How to Look Smarter//Doing Only What you Love

Rock Bottom can Change Everything

It was 1505 and Martin Luther was caught in a terrifying storm. Rain, lightening, thunder all crashing down on him as he rushed to the relative safety of a tree. Lightening exploded missing him by inches and he was knocked back by the blast. In that moment Martin Luther had an awakening of sorts. He … Continue reading Rock Bottom can Change Everything

My Smart Phone is Trying to KILL ME!!! And I have proof!!!

Have you ever felt stuck and wanted a change but didn't know where to start? Rachel here and my smart phone hates me... How do I know this? Confession: I accidentally dropped said phone into the toilet of a large box store with a less than sanitary reputation and even though I apologized and antibacterial-ized, … Continue reading My Smart Phone is Trying to KILL ME!!! And I have proof!!!

Facing down the Success Monster

It's funny how we look at successful people, especially famous successful people. We think to ourselves, "They were just in the right place at the right time with all the right friends and connections." It's kinda like guys watching football on the couch reliving their high school glory days. I could do what they did … Continue reading Facing down the Success Monster

Why Rock Bottom Works–or Doesn’t

    In 12 step groups they have a saying, "You know you've hit rock bottom when you stop digging." In other words... You know you're at your lowest when you're ready to change. That's the hard truth if your lowest low was brought on by a compulsive behavior, habitual poor choices and/or a lack … Continue reading Why Rock Bottom Works–or Doesn’t

Welcome to Team Rock Bottom

Welcome to Team Rock Bottom! You're in good company. Failure, defeat, hardship, grief and loss... What isn't there to love? Whether it's in business, marriage, health, compulsive behavior or a combination thereof hitting rock bottom is a common reality among the most successful people not only in our generation but in generations past. I'll be … Continue reading Welcome to Team Rock Bottom

The Little Known, Misunderstood Power of Dissatisfaction

So I’ve been thinking about dissatisfaction in life, and what being dissatisfied really means about us. I think a lot of people equate dissatisfaction with life with having a bad attitude or being a bad person. They couldn’t be more wrong. First off, judging our feelings (and dissatisfaction is a feeling) as good or bad … Continue reading The Little Known, Misunderstood Power of Dissatisfaction